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Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

We Are Teachers Blog-- 25 Essential Poems for Elementary School

I subscribe to the blog We Are Teachers, which sends a weekly newsletter to your inbox. I like the ideas and current trends that they share... very informational! A few weeks ago they shared some great poetry resources for April. They've used classic poems as starters, and have created some great graphical representations of classic poems. Having students illustrate/record poetry allows them to connect with it on a different level. Check out their great list!
"On Girls Lending Pens," by TAYLOR MALI
Click for a great list of poetry ideas from Edutopia!

Each year, Edutopia compiles this list of resources, lesson plans, links, with a ton of ideas for how you can shape poetry month for your students. Check out these new takes on old favorites!

Beth Rihtar

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