Hamlet Research Pre-Reading

Summative Presentation


  • To provide background knowledge to integrate into reading the play
  • To give experience working collaboratively in groups using technology
  • To provide an opportunity to practice public speaking


Use the lab to find out as much as you can about the topic your group is assigned. Take notes. After you've collected your information, get together with your group to create a fact sheet for your presentation and a study guide for your peers to fill out during your presentation.

You must also design a media portion for your presentation. It may not be a PowerPoint. Think of creative ways to teach the class the facts about your topic. Use Instagram, YouTube, Prezi with an emphasis on IMAGES, or even a videotaped skit we can show in class.

Group 4: Research Hamlet

What is the play about? Why is it famous? What do critics say about it? Which is the best production of the play? What are the difficulties in performing the play?

Group 5: Research Customs of the Time

What did people wear during the time of 1550-1650? What was hygiene like? How did people live? What were the traditional gender roles?

Group 6: Modern Hamlet References

Why is Hamlet still taught today? Where does Hamlet appear in art or movies today? Where does Hamlet appear in modern TV or Advertisements? What are the key quotes, symbols, and questions Hamlet addresses?