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Commercial Welding and Underwater welding programs

Constructional and Underwater Welding

Welding consists of combining two metal pieces together making one solid piece. welding also is a process of repairing and replacing objects. To become a welder you must meet several requirements before getting started.

Educational requirements:

- High school diploma

- must pass the Welders test

- have a certification and certificate from an welding school/ tech school

- know basic geometry and algebra.

- must taken a welding course with instructors supervision.

Underwater Welding is very dangerous but there are many benefits while being a certified welder. Most benefits include promotions of becoming an inspector, or even a boss of your own company. Other benefits include higher pay rates and salaries.

Average salaries for construction and engineering welding can range between $50,000-$80,000 a year.

For must underwater welding , salaries can range widely between $100,000-$250,000 +

Working conditions while on the job consist of working outside and indoor. For outside jobs it could be humid and hot, or cold in the winter. Common conditions also include working in tight small spaces or work booths. On job also requires Welders to know how to lift properly and safely without hurting the body. It is also common in arch welding and SMAW to wear respirators due to the chemicals and fumes. It is also very important to wear the correct equipment so you will not has results of skin damages leading to cancer or starring in direct contact of the welding light causes eye damage.

Welders are needed everywhere. It's common to move city to city or coast to coast for business jobs and international jobs as a welder. The great part of being a welder is you can learn on the job with a instructor to become better.

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