Favorite Number 16

By:Kyler Klapprodt


I picked this number because its my birth day.

Math facts about it:There is four factors to get it,it equals 36,its even.

Personal facts:Its me and my twin sisters b-day,Its my golden b-day,its my favorite number.

Prime factorization of 16

Distributive Property

2/4=8 so 2/4 two times equal 8 and sence theres two 8 it equals 16

Order Of Operation

Factor game

My numer would be good for the factor game because it would get more points than my opponent.

Product game

My numer would be good for the product game because it is on the board.

Other infomation

Its even


factor pairs: (1/16), (2/8), (4/4)


composite because it has more than 2 factors.