New Technologies For Home Safety

A Comprehensive List!

Your Key To Safety

Our homes are where we should feel safe and secure. We somehow never think of home invasions until one happens. The truth is that one and one-half million home invasions happen every year, costing homeowners over three billion dollars. It's no wonder the first security devices we think of are security cameras.

However, technology has given us a mind-numbing assortment of affordable home safety devices. It is now possible to see who's at the door, lock and unlock it remotely, as well as combining all our security devices into one, using our smart phones as the monitors. Here are some new technology devices that will keep you safe.

1. Ring

Beginning with the front door, it's nice to see who's there before blindly opening the door. Ring, at $199, is a doorbell. It's also a camera, speaker, and microphone. It's monitored using a smart phone, and you can communicate with them from miles away or in the laundry room.

You won't have to yell at the kids not to open the door to strangers. They can look at your phone to see who's at the door.

2. August Smart Lock

Bluetooth connected, this lock uses your existing hardware. This is a virtual key, giving you the option to give one to whomever you wish. When the battery is low, you'll be alerted through the August app. You will know who is using the lock when you monitor it on your smart phone.

This is ideal when the kids get off the school bus. They won't sit on the porch doing homework because they misplaced their keys. The cleaning lady can come and go because she'll have one less key of which to keep track.

3. The Medical Button

By now its safe to say everyone as seen the cheesy commercials about devices that help you when you fall and can’t get up. However, have you ever thought about a medical button that could save your life while also integrating into your preexisting home security system? At Alder they thought of that and have produced a nice medical button to go with the rest of their already advanced and sleek home security lineup.

4. Samsung Smart Things

Let's say you have a variety of home automation and security devices. Separately, they do a great job. Wouldn't they do a better job if they were all connected? What you need is a hub, and that's where Samsung Smart Things, at $99, enters the picture.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to the coffee already on, the lights getting brighter, the thermostat turned up, the drapes open, the perimeter security lights turned off, and the car unlocked ready for you to drive to work? You won't even have to think about the connected things; just wake up and live your life.

5. Nest Protect

Everyone knows the heart-stopping sound of the smoke alarm going off in the dead of night. Most people, however, have no idea of the invisible, odorless, tasteless manifestation of carbon monoxide. Most of today's smoke alarms only sense smoke, even if you're just frying bacon.

Complete security is knowing your family is safe from smoke and carbon monoxide as they sleep. This life-saving gadget can be hooked up to a home automation hub and monitored from your phone. The great thing about this device is that it checks its own battery, does its own self-check, and this is the best part: it knows the difference between smoke from a fire and smoke from frying bacon!

We can be safe and secure in our own homes again. All we need are a few home automation gadgets and devices and a smart phone. We hope this list helps.