English PSA

Over Baseball

Baseball Going Downhill

Ever since steroids had been introduced into baseball it has made baseballs quality as a sport go down, at one time it felt like everyone was using steroids, and a lot of people still are today. Steroids have ruined the natural talent of baseball because if your just naturally good then you don't seem as good because the guy next to you seems better because he's using steroids. Luckily this mainly happened awhile back, now we have tests and way less people are using steroids.

Steroids Arent Worth It

Whats the point of even taking steroids? Most professional players that have taken steroids are made better but not by much and after they stop taking steroids its proven that there body degrades after awhile. So why don't we just get rid of steroids totally? All the statistics say that steroids will end up ruining your body.

The Researchers

All of my reasoning is very credible by the proof that every researcher has done. The only thing it helps you with is getting muscles quickly and even then it ruins your the inside of your body so you end up dying quicker. All in all steroids are ruining our sports and we need to get rid of them so we can enjoy our sports lives and fantasy teams.