Mrs. Bouse's News

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Field Trip Slips Came Home

On Wednesday, students brought home field trip permission slips for our trip to the pumpkin patch next month. On October 20th, our class will go on this fun trip to learn about farm life, pumpkin life cycles, and much more! It's a great trip! Money for this trip ($6) is not due until October 2nd. However, if you have not already sent back the permission slip, please do so. We have to notify the lunchroom of a lunch count weeks in advance. So please return this form immediately if your child will be attending. We will send home a payment reminder if you don't turn in the money before October 2nd. Thanks for your help with this! Remember, if you plan to attend...parents are free since you are chaperoning. Siblings cost $5 if they come with you!

Homecoming Week...How To Dress:

In celebration of Homecoming Week, we have fun spirit-filled days ahead! Please help your child participate when you can by following the fun theme days listed below:
  • Monday: Wear pink
  • Tuesday: Wear pajamas
  • Wednesday: Wear Hawaiian theme
  • Thursday: Wear polka dots
  • Friday: Spirit Day!! Wear orange and black

The Rainbow Wall Continues to Grow!

Once again, the children amaze me with their excitement for our Rainbow Wall! If they haven't made it on the wall yet, they are constantly asking me to test them, anxious to earn their spot alongside their friends. If they have made it on the "red" wall, some are working ahead, excited to add their names to the "orange" portion or beyond! I love the enthusiasm from our students. But I truly appreciate your support at home. We study the words each day. But I know that without your help and time at home, my students wouldn't be making the progress they are each week. Thank you so much!

Letter Tt Show-n-Tell

Don't forget, this coming week we will start our Letter Tt Show-n-Tell!

We will be learning all about the letter Tt. Please allow your child to bring an item that can fit in their backpack that starts with the letter /t/ sound (not "th" please). I will capture a photo of them with their object after they have told the class all about it! This will help us build our vocabulary and possibly learn new letter Tt words!

Friday Assembly

On the last Friday of each month, students go to the library for an assembly to recognize students with special awards. Some of the awards that were presented were:
Artist of the Month
Music Cool Cat Award
Reading Certificates (for reading at least 15 books at home)

If your child recieved one of these awards, I placed it in their orange folder! CONGRATULATIONS!

See Below for Some Classroom Candids: