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Ranger Report Fall 2014

Sir Read-a-Lot's Castle Book Fair

The Fall 2014 Book Fair held October 20th-24th was a great success. Mrs. Hand, the Librarian, now has more Scholastic Dollars to spend on books for students and teachers. During the book fair a raffle was conducted. A bowl of books and supplies was awarded to a student in Kindergarten through second grade and to a student in third through fifth grade. The students had to make a guess as to how many peppermints were in a jar, that is how many mints does it take to freshen a dragon's breath?
Congratuations to the winners!
Benjamin Nguyen - 3rd grade - Mrs. Reeves class

New Learning Centers - iPad Reading Station and Whisperphones

With the Spring 2014 book fair Scholastic dollars, technology for two new learning centers was added - iPad Reading Station and Whisperphones. With the iPad listening station, up to six students can listen to and read a book at the same time. The technology allows and iPad or any mobile device to be plugged in and can be used for a number of activities. Tumblebooks audio books were the first application used by second through fifth grade students.
The second type of technology used in a learning center for the first time were Whisperphones. Whisperphones allow students to read aloud (in a whisper) to themselves without disturbing any students around them. This type of technology fosters independent reading while maintaining focus and attention to sounds of words.
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Kindergarten Welcomes Fall

The kindergarteners are getting a sample of what fall looks like in other parts of the country. After Mrs. Hand read them The Fall Leaf Project by Margaret McNamara, the kindergarten students made fall leaf wreaths to hang up in the classroom or take home. They loved learning about the different types of leaves and their colors.

New Books on the Range

About your Librarian

Mrs. Hand is a certified teacher and librarian with a Master's degree in Library Science accredited by the American Library Association. She has taught 6 years at the high school level. Of course, she loves to read and organize information. In her personal time, she sews, cooks, quilts, crafts and shops at flea markets. She is married and has a dog, a turtle and several fish.