Henry Ford

Father of the car ford


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Henry ford's early life

Henry ford was born near dear born , michigan on a farm april ,7 ,1947 , and on his 12th birthday got a watch , and by the the time he was 15 he could take it apart and put it back together .

Henry ford's family

Henry ford was born to William and Marry Ford

Who did Henry ford marry

Henry ford married Clara Bryant a girl who was born on a farm not to far from fords fords farm .

How many kids did Henry ford have

Henry ford had one child with Clara Bryant named Edsel

When did Henry ford die

Henry ford sadly died when he was 83 on April , 7 ,1947 .

What was Henry ford known for

Henry ford was known for creating an afordable , and also was known for owning the bigest car making company in the world .

How did Henry ford help our society

Henry ford helped our society by being a creative force behind an indestry of mechanical technolagy and unexpected size and whelth that in only a few decades permenetly