Ocean Currents +Climate=?

By: Nimisha Jain


The ocean and climate depend on each other quite a bit. Climate is basically the earth's atmosphere.


The sun is the earth's main source of energy, it is absorbed by both, the oceans and continents. It is mostly absorbed by the oceans, because they cover 70% of the earth also because they are much darker than the continents.

Interesting Factoid: The sun is going to flip upside down in about three weeks! (Nothing to worry about though!)

Oceans absorb tons of energy from the sun! They store this energy in the form of heat with very minimal temperature change. This helps the transport the heat around the globe with the use of the oceans.

Did you know the oceans have become 26% acidic because of CO2 and over-fishing?

Latitudes affect the climate. Cool winds blowing over high altitudes evaporate and cool the water. There is a chance of sea ice forming. Sea ice is fresher than regular sea water. The sea ice contains salt, which helps the sea ice sink deep down.

This deep water has been down there for a very long time. There is not as much surface water as deep water, but the currents in deep water are not as strong as the surface water's currents.

Temperature, precipitation and evaporation affect the ocean waters. With temperature changes, deep water forms. In evaporation all the salt of the deep water is left behind, and the water is picked up.

Did you know China is launching their first Deep-Water Gas project?

2 Questions?

1. Out of land and oceans, which has the greater capacity to store heat?

2. Why do temperatures at the same latitude vary?

How Climate and Ocean Currents affect us:

Climate and ocean currents affect us in many ways. Health and economic reasons are the main ones I will be focusing on. Many farmers need to cultivate theri land and that depends on rain. And thanks to climate and ocean currents working together, we are provided that.

Major changes in climate or ocean currents could also affect the lives of human beings. A shift in atmospheric conditions will impact air, water and food quality. All of which affects us.