Help Save the Apes And Monkeys!!!

By: Brady Titus

Help the monkeys and apes in the rainforest.

Trees are getting cut down almost every day, and monkeys and apes homes are getting torn down. Here are some facts why you should care about monkeys and apes. Monkeys 264 need each other play with. Monkey's need a home to live, and store their bananas and and other foods. Monkeys cannot survive if with out their food. Apes need help also. Apes need to stay on their side of the rainforest, other wise the apes and monkeys will get in to a huge fight. Apes are omnivores, they will eat plants or fruit. They have to eat plants or food to survive and if they don't a lot of apes will die. Baby apes can live up to about 20 years old. They have a very long life span. Humans share about 98 percent of their DNA with apes. Scientists want to keep looking for more DNA's. Thats a reason why we don't want trees cut down trees. Last but not least if you want to care about monkeys and apes go to support apes and monkeys.