Tangerine Fridays

Tragedy Strikes - Football Dreams - Close ups - And more

Tragedy Strikes

A young boy named Mike Costello was suddenly shocked to death by lightning during a football practice. He was just touching a goal post and he was shocked down dead. There have been many other lightning strikes on citizens in the past but there has never been a reported death. Mike Costello will be missed and will always be remembered in our memories.

Upcoming Events

Paul fisher vs Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher and Paul Fisher both enjoy playing sports. Paul plays soccer and Eric plays football. Paul believes that Eric is getting all the attention for his future football career while Paul gets no credit for his soccer. He believes Eric has never treated him fairly and that he never will.


There have been many issues with anxiety in school. Anxiety normally comes from stress at school or at home ether with grades or family issues. This normally results in Students not wanting to come back to school, students get mental syndromes, or students even worse commit suicide. To stop this schools must increase the amount of counseling and support.

Events in the past week

- Mike Costello's death

- another mock fire starts

- Lake Windsor Middle school's soccer season is about to start

- Football tryouts

- More tangerine trees are burned

- Erik Fisher may change the footballs season

- Paul Fisher starts playing soccer at Lake Windsor Middle School

- The Fisher family moves in

- Paul Fisher has special goggles for playing soccer

- The Fisher family starts a telephone campaign

Soccer Tryouts

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 1pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Get ready for soccer tryouts coming you're way in only 5 days!!! If you have a son or daughter interesting you better tell them to start practicing.