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Holmes Elementary School - Week Ending - 11/2/2018

Habit 2 - Think with the End in Mind (The Importance of Setting Goals)

Research has shown that the simple act of writing a goal greatly increases the chances of accomplishing the goal. If the goal is broken down into action steps and the action steps are tracked, goals have an even greater percentage of success.

During our November Hawk Nest, your child will write their academic and/or personal goals. You will gain a lot of information on how your child is doing if you ask your child to tell you about their goals. The goals chosen are meaningful to your child, so be sure to practice Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.

The goal setting idea can also be used in your home. Create goals such as reading together, eating dinner at the table, or doing an activity together. Involve everyone in the family in choosing a meaningful goal and action steps. Post the goal and the action steps in a visible place and be sure to track and celebrate progress!

Garden Planting Party

In an earlier email, I wrote about a gardening project that we were hoping to undertake. Lucky for us, Mitch Murdock, father of one of our kindergarten students, is a landscape designer who has graciously taken on this design project for us. The plan is set, the plants are on order and now we’re asking for your help with the planting of the shrubs and perennials. Our student will plant the bulbs with their classes.

There are two tentative dates set for the “garden planting party”, dependent on when the materials can be delivered, Saturday, November 10 or November 17. Please sign up using this link.

The Holmes Student Council is fronting the funds so we can get the garden planted in time to see the garden bloom in the spring. Your donations are needed and appreciated for the Holmes Garden Project. We are planting the flower garden now, but will be planting an herb and vegetable garden in the spring. Consider making a donation in honor of, or as a memory to someone. We will supply a certificate for gift giving if requested. Checks should be made payable to Holmes Student Council. Thanks for your support.

A Note From Nurse G

It is time to start thinking and being vigilant about lice.

Adult head lice are gray insects about 1/8” long. They can be difficult to see since they avoid light. The nits or eggs are smaller, have an elongated bead or teardrop shape and are cemented on the hair shaft near the root. They resemble dandruff but cannot be flicked off the hair shaft. Nits can only be removed by pulling them off the full length of the hair strand manually. Itching of the head can be a common symptom; however, students are often unaware that head lice are present.

Head lice bugs are transferred from one person to another by direct contact with an infested person’s head or by contact with personal items such as hats, headgear, combs, brushes, bedding or upholstered items. Lice do not jump or fly...they crawl. Re-infestation occurs when there are nits left undetected that hatch, and a live bug is once again present.

If the school is notified that a student is found to have live lice, you will receive an email or letter with information on how to be treat your child with a pesticide such as RID or Nix, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Additionally, combing of the hair to remove nits needs to be done with a special comb. Combing of the hair should take place daily to remove any leftover nits. Re- treatment with a pesticide is recommended in 7-10 days.

Please stress to your student not to share hats, combs, coats, or hair accessories. This will decrease the risk of transmission. Classroom head checks will not be performed as they are not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We ask that you notify the School Nurse if you suspect your child has lice. Additionally, the School Nurse can do head checks per parent/teacher request in the event of a suspected case of lice.

Be vigilant. Check your child’s head often.


Anne Guerrier, BSN, RN, PEL-CSN, NCSN

National Certified School Nurse

Holmes Spirit Wear

You can order Holmes spirit wear year-round and have it sent to your home. Click on the link below to order.

Celebrate Holmes Staff

Families, have you noticed a Holmes teacher or staff member who deserves a compliment or a thank you? Has this person made a difference for your child? Please share the reason in a brief email to me ( so that we may recognize and thank them!


  • Teacher Institute Day - November 6 - No School
  • Hawk Nest!!! November 7
  • Trivia Night! - November 9, 7:00pm - PTO sponsored adult event
  • Turkey Trot - November 20
  • Thanksgiving Break - November 21-23 - No School

Community Hawk Nest


Where/When?: November 9th at the Nineteenth Century Club from 7-11P.

What’s in Store?:

  • Game Show Themed Trivia!

  • Silent Auction! (Teaser Alert. VIP Daily Show Tickets, Michigan Vacation Home Rental, VIP Summer Music Festival Tickets, Monthly Baked Goods for a Year, Holmes Student Office Staff for a Day, Murder Mystery Party, Southpark Collectables and many many more.)

  • Raffle Prizes!

  • Hecho en Oak Park is providing dinner as an additional option

  • NEW Addition - DJ Lady Kim G will be spinnin' today's hot music throughout the night

What Can I Do?: Please help us execute this FANTASTIC FUN EVENT. Here's where we need help.
2. GET YOUR GAME ON! Did you know that the Holmes Hawk family has had a friendly drop-in basketball practice for parents, staff and caregivers every Wednesday for the past twenty years? Yes, it’s true! Come join our friendly scrimmage games which will lead up to practicing for the legendary Holmes Staff versus Parents basketball game that takes place each Spring at Brooks Middle School. Drop-in any Wednesday from 7-9pm, bring a $5 donation and your game face! Adults only please. All donations go directly to the school to help fund play equipment for our students! Contact Mr. Williams at for more details - or - just show up!!
3. Did you miss last week’s PTO meeting? We heard a great presentation from Ms. Rehfield and Dr. Zelaya (details were shared in last week’s Hawk). Draft notes from the meeting are located here.

The PTO and Holmes School Needs You!

1. Holmes PTO has recently partnered with ShopWithScrip. Please utilize ShopWithScrip for your everyday shopping and gift card needs.

How Scrip Works: ShopWithScrip is a different kind of fundraiser—with the help of over 750 brands, it turns your everyday shopping into earnings for our Holmes School. By paying for your purchases with gift cards, also known as scrip, you’ll earn money for Holmes on your everyday purchases (groceries, gas, dining out, home improvement projects, clothing, travel, and more). How? Every gift card has a rebate percentage on it, normally between 2% and 16%. That rebate goes directly to OUR SCHOOL.

Family Registration is easy

1) Log on to

2) Click "Join Program" Blue Button

3) Enter Holmes PTO Enrollment Code 6BL378C861333

4) Shop Away! You use the gift card (at its full value) on your everyday shopping. I.e. a $100 Old Navy Gift card purchased through the Holmes PTO ShopWithScrip program earns you $100 of Old Navy Merchandise AND Holmes School $14 cash. (Old Navy Rebate is 14%).

5) Gift Card Delivery

E-Cards delivered directly to your email at the time of purchase. In order to keep shipping costs at a minimum, physical gift card orders will be placed on the 1st Tuesday of each month and delivered to the Holmes School the following week.
2. Are you interested in a leadership position at Holmes to help us improve our already great school? The PTO has two Vice President (VP) positions open. Our VP of Enrichment and our VP of Diversity are open positions. If you want to learn more about ways to get involved with the PTO and the School at this leadership level, please email us