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16 August, 2015

On this very auspicious day, we saw a beautiful set of individuals joining AIESEC, our FAMILY.

Each and everyone in the organization shall remember this day!

Oh.. really?!! But how?

Will you make sure your presence is felt in this organization? Will you make sure you live by the values of AIESEC? Will you make sure you impact yours and the lives of other people in the process? Will you contribute to make a change in this world? Will you justify that you are worthy, of being among the very few individuals who got through the rigorous recruitment process?

Well, I think there's only way to prove all this-





Winter is Coming | Department Meet 1.0

Saturday, Aug. 22nd, 4:30-8pm

Avm Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam


4th Floor, NAC Towers, Opp. AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam, RK Salai Road, Nearest Local Train Station: Nungambakkam, 700m ahead of Citi Centre Mall, Chennai


  • Jiving | IceBreakers
  • Check Ins
  • Global Citizen Program
  • AIESEC in Chennai
  • Customer Flow | EXPA
  • Activity 1.0
  • iXP | Keynotes
  • Activity 2.0
  • Closing | Check Outs

Reginal Youth leadership Conference 2015

RYLC is a 4-day conference (18th - 21st September, 2015) for all the newbies in the house.

It is being held in Visakhapatnam. All of you will be accompanied by 2 Executive Body Members. And 4 other senior members.

The stay will be in a resort, BEACH resort probably, since it is Visakhapatnam.

Food is provided inside the resort.

I've been to RYLC in 2013 in Visakhapatnam as well and it turns out to be that, though I've attended 2 National Conferences, 1 Regional Conference and more than 5 Local COnferences, RYLC still remains one of the best conferences I've ever attended :D

Take my word on this- It will be a memory to take-back, for your lifetime.