Lewis And Clark

Corps of Discovery

The Beginning of the Journey!

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson sent out Lewis and Clark to lead an expodition to discover new plants and animals on the land of Louisiana, the land the U.S. had just purchased fro, the French! This expodition was known as the Cops of Discovery.

Along the Journey

Clark spent most of his time documenting discoveries and mapping out the new land, while Lewis spent most of his time ashore, studying rock formations, animals, and plants along the way. Lewis and Clark needed to find peace between Americans and Indians so that they wouldn't have to risk any live's of the expodition, so they brought along Sacagawea and her infant as translator and she then became a symbol of peace. The journey was rough, but by the end of three years, the Corps of Discovery had dicovered the Pacific Ocean.

Common Questions

How long was the expodition? - It ran from 1803 - 1806 (3 years)

How many people were on the expodition? - well over 40 men

Where the Indians mean to the Corps of Discovery? - Since Sacagawea was brought along with her infant, many indians did not attack because a woman and her infant were a symbol of peace to them