Information Security Analysts

By: Adrian Lara

About Me

I am a high school student at Joliet West High School. I plan on going to the University of Notre Dame or Northwestern University. I plan on getting a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and I want to focus on information security.


An Information Security Analyst has become a vital part of a large company in terms of security in the past recent years. Information Security Analysts need to set up things like firewalls to protect information from their company from hackers/cyber-attacks. Their responsibilities are continuously increasing and they need to always be alert. Jobs in Information Technology (IT) are getting more and more popular as computers become a lot more popular and the number of cyber-attacks increase. Without information security analysts, companies would lose information and millions, possible billions of dollars from cyber-attacks.


Jobs in Information Technology have a pretty vast salary range as well. Income in IT in general can range from as low as about $50,000 a year and can increase up to a little over than $200,000 a year. All depending on the company that you work for and your job as well.


A high school education isn’t enough to pursuit a career in Information Technology however. You need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a college/university. Also, depending on what career you want to pursuit, you also need extra training to certify yourself to prove you’re certified to do that certain job.