Celebrate your FREADOM to READ!

The First Amendment protects the rights of every American

Station 1: Vocabulary

Define the following words: banned, challenged, censored, intellectual freedom, McCarthyism, objectionable content, restricted offense

Use the following resources:

Dictionary Reference



Station 2: Library Bill of Rights

Visit the website and read the Library Bill of Rights, what is your opinion and why?

Station 3: Identifying and Examining Banned/Challenged Books

Select 3 books from tables, or click the links below to find books that you can browse

or find in our library. What can you find out? criticisms, objections, (Read the summaries, skim the headings, and get familiar with the book

Choose to fill out the google form


Create a popplet and take a picture of it and then send it to lopezlibrary@isa.neisd.net

Popplet- can use on for the graphic organizer on Ipad or VDI library comuterd

Timeline of Banned Books- Scroll and click for information

Challenged Books- list of Books

Kirkus Review

Banned Book Bibliography

Common Sense Media

Station 4: Mapping Censhorship

What kind of trends do you notice? Location, book topic, dates

Station5: Interpret the Challenges

LINK to graphs

View the graphs and answer the following questions:

Challenges by decade

Challenges by reason

Challenges by Institution