What is the theme at DMS?

Made by: Jennifer Steenstry

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What is the theme?

The theme for Discovery Middle School is to be nice and kind to everyone. If you walk around Discovery you will find different posters all over that tell you different facts about how to stop bulling. This shows that at Discovery wants to make their school into a nice environment.

What about the teachers at DMS?

At DMS people are all around. If you ever have any problems like opening your locker you can find a teacher that is right around the corner and you can ask them and they will be glad to help you. If you don't understand something in class the teacher will come over and explain it to you. At DMS the teachers are very nice to each other and all of the children.

Web Leaders and Bullies

Web leaders have to learn to be nice and good with kids. When yoou aproch a web leader you should not feel thretend because they are bigger than you, older than you, or that they are in eighth grade. At Discovery you will not find very many bullies you may not ever find any. If you ever find a bully you can tell one of the councerlers and they will try to help them and find out why they felt like they needed to feel like this.


At DMS when you go to any of your teachers you will not fell like you are wanting something. Most of the teachers will give you a few chances. I think that this is a good way to welcone your kids to a new school and to teach them that being in a new school and having to learn to keep track of all of the different classes and homework is not that hard to learn and that it gets eaiser as the year goes on.