Get Your Vaccinations!

Common Sense or Common Cents?

Virtues of Vaccines

  • Infectious diseases can be deadly as seen throughout history
  • Makes sense to prevent outbreak of deadly diseases by taking vaccines against them
  • Benefits of immunity outweighs adverse side effects of vaccines
  • Cheaper to mass vaccinate than treat infectious diseases individually
  • Vaccinating a critical mass of population can stop a disease from being an epidemic or a pandemic
  • Herd immunity provided by vaccines are especially beneficial to infants, chronically ill, and compromised immune system
  • Vaccines have eliminated and eradicated deadly diseases like smallpox
  • Vaccines have controlled many handicapping diseases like polio for small children
  • Vaccines can protect individuals who have not contacted the disease before
  • In 1989, a measles outbreak caused by low vaccination rates caused over 55,000 cases
  • It's much cheaper to prevent a disease than to treat it!


The impact of vaccination on the health of individuals in the U.S. is shown, comparing the number of cases acquired before and after the vaccination was introduced:

Measles: 99.9% decrease

Diphtheria: 100% decrease

Mumps: 95.6% decrease

Rubella: 99.9% decrease

Tetanus: 98.6% decrease

(Department of Health and Human Services)

A Case of Smallpox

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A Case of Polio

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Global Travel Helps Spread Diseases

  • Global travel has increased the spread of infections, so the global traveler should be protected via vaccines.
  • Vaccines are great for combatting biological threats.
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Our Stance

Vaccines are necessary against severely debilitating diseases like polio, DTP, pertussis, etc. Individuals with compromised immune systems, very old and very young, may also find benefits from flu and chicken pox vaccines. Some vaccines should be taken at the time of need, like meningitis.

Thus, vaccines have to be administered to appropriate people at the proper time; not all vaccines can be given to everybody. Taking vaccines with these precautions will help people live a healthy, productive life.