Is it really fair?

How were women treated back then?

When did womens suffrage start?

Women's suffrage began in the early 1800's. Women weren't treated as fairly as men, didn't have the same amount of rights, there was lots of inequality. They were expected, even encouraged, to not get a good job or education and stay home and take care of the house and children. After marriage, women's rights shrank even more. They weren't allowed to officially own property, keep wages, sign a contract, anything of the sort.

Women's suffrage was one if the largest liberation's in our nations history, alongside the Civil Rights Movement. It took about seventy years, from the start in the 1800's, to end Women's suffrage. Fifty of those years were spent educating the public about it, setting up speeches and campaigns, etc to raise awareness and wages. The other twenty years were spent seeking influences for the cause and non violent protests to end it all.

Susan B. Anthony, Who is she?

Born February 15, 1820 in Adams Massachusetts. She was brought into a Quaker family, which quickly brought to her a sense of justice, moral, and zeal.

After a while, she became a temperance, but she wasn't allowed to speak at temperance rallies.

She joined the Women's Right Movement in 1852, dedicating her life to woman's suffrage. She traveled across the nation and lectured about the suffrage and campaigned for women's rights to own property, slavery to end, many things of that nature.

In 1900, she convinced the University of Rochester to allow women to apply and be admitted. Susan remained active on her goal until her death on March 13, 1906.

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What started womens suffrage?

Women's suffrage all started from the fact that women weren't allowed to vote. Whether you were a U.s. citizen or not, women weren't allowed to vote. In 1920, white women were finally allowed to vote.

The same year, black women were allowed to vote,though some black women weren't allowed to vote because they couldn't pay the poll taxes, so they were denied the right to vote until about 1940.

Asian women were soon allowed to vote as well around 1961. This was able to happen after 1952, when McCarran-Walter Act granted all Asians and people with Asian ancestry the right to become citizens.