Misfortune on Fight 90

Air Florida Flight 90

Air Florida Flight 90 crashed on Wednesday January 13

Today there was an accident, Florida Flight 90 crashed landed onto the bridge destroyed 97 ft. of guardrail before plunging into Potomac river. The aircraft was carrying 74 passengers and 5 crew members, 4 passengers and 1 flight attendant survived. They were rescued from the river from professionals and civilians. The reason for the accident was from pilot error, the pilot failed to switch on the engines and failed to aboard the takeoff even after they detected there was an error. Flight 90 was a US passanger that orignated from washington national airport and Arlington county Virginia and was schedualed to land in Fort Launderer, Florida, with a stop over in Tampa Florida.

Written By: Saleem, Christy, Samantha
Images By: Tyus


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