Meitnerium was named after the scientist Lise Meitner.

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Periodic Table Information

Meitnerium is found in the transition metal section on the periodic table. It is a transition metal and a noble metal. Meitnerium is a group nine element. It is a period seven element. Its atomic number is 109 and the atomic mass is 268. Meitnerium has 109 protons and electrons. It has 159 neutrons. The symbol for meitnerium is Mt.

About Meitnerium

Meitnerium was created in 1982 by Peter Armbruster and Gottfried Münzenber and the rest of the team at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany. Meitnerium can not be found in nature due to the fact that it was produced in a laboratory.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Meitnerium

Physical Properties

At normal temperature, meitnerium is known to be solid. Meitnerium is a very dense and heavy metal. It also has a molar volume of 10 cm cubed.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of meitnerium have not had a lot of attention. The tetrahalides in meitnerium and iridium are alike. Meitnerium is said to be a noble metal and a transition metal.

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Uses and Characteristics of Meitnerium


The uses of meitnerium are known to be used for scientific study only. It is used in very small amounts due to the heaviness of the element. No large amount of meitnerium have been produce.


It is classified as a radioactive synthetic element. Due to its radioactivity, meitnerium is harmful and dangerous.


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