Journey to America

by:Sonia Levitin

by:Finley Strait

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Plot Outline

Exposition: Setting: Germany,Zurich,Paris,America 1938 Characters: Arthur(dad) Lisa,Annie,Ruth,Mom,Clara

TE:"the streets of Berlin were white and silent"pg.1

"Ruth didn't speak on the way to Zurich" pg.53

" I took my little diary and wrote "At last we are on our way to America"pg.140

"Were in Paris Ruth cried shacking me." pg.140

Rising action:

Dad is leaving to go to America.

TE:pg.4 "Now Margo (friend), don't think the sell handkerchiefs in America?"


The Platt family is trying to go to America to see dad and they dont have money.

TE:pg.42"I turned and looked at the house for a moment and thought that i lived there for my entire life."pg 42 "here's something for the train said Clara"(they are going to Zurich.

Falling Action:

They don't have any money so lisa and Ruth go to a camp for a couple of days. Mom cant take care of both for now she keeps Annie.

TE: pg.66 " I didn't want to go to this camp for refugee children" "we will go I said it will be fun"


All three girls went to a home and stayed there intil mom got money to go on the ship to America.

TE:pg.140 "Last call......train leaving for Paris on track 17.."

"I took out my diary and wrote at last on our way to America."


Man vs. Society

Man vs. Nature


The Platt family went to Germany,Zurich,Paris,and America

On the way to Zurich they had a delay because it was the last stop before the border and they waited.

On the way to America everyone panic because they thought that it was going to sink.


When Ruth & Lisa were in camp they had to walk home to see mom and Annie a storm was coming so it took longer to get there.

Theme and text evidence

The lesson for the book Journey to America is....

The writer of the book is going to teach you that even though your going to have bumps in the road you are always going to get there.

EX: Ruth & Lisa had to go to camp and Annie went to a house intil they got money they were going to America to see Dad.

TE:"why are we stopping here? because its the last stop before the border."pg.48

"I didn't want to go to this camp for refugee children but i thought it will be fun." pg.66

"I found homes for you and Ruth,Annie went to another home."

"you wont be there for long, I hope." pg.96

Character Analysis & protagonist

The Protagonist (good person/main character)


(whole Platt family)

Analysis (bad person)

-Passport photograph man (dont know the name does not say)

he didnt give them the passport photos and they needed them today and mom had to give a check and sweet talk him into it.

4 facts about my time period 1938

  1. Average cost for a house rent was 27.00 per month (which it good)
  2. In Germany Hitler was taking control of the country thats why so man y people moved
  3. 1938, was the starting of World War ll
  4. Germany invades Austria and Austria became a part of Germany.

The role of the historical setting

The role of the historical setting was it was not cheep to go to Germany to Zurich to Paris and then on the ship to America.And they had to go to camp and new family and a new home for a couple of weeks.All that to go to America and see Dad.

What really made the event difficult was the delays of the train,ship,and camp/homes.

The event was going to America and how hard it is to do it.