Welding In Wisconsin

Brought to you by Tyler Ermis


  • Usually requires one to two years of tech school
  • Schools that offer Welding degrees
  • NWTC, Fox Valley Tech, Platteville

Job Outlook

  • Most in demand job in Wisconsin right now
  • The demand is expected to go up in the coming years
  • Marinette Marine, Propulsion Inc

Salary and Benefits

  • Usually start around $13/hour
  • Benefits depend on your place of employment
  • Marinette Marine offers many benefits

Interview Skills

  • Be able to work with others
  • Decision Making
  • Some Physical Atrributes

Job Requirements

  • Need excellent hand-eye coordination, concentration, attention to detail
  • be able to endure uncomfortable conditions
  • Some schooling, on the job training

Working Conditions

  • Factory, Shop, Possibly underwater
  • Possibly hot environments


  • Burns
  • Fume Inhalation
  • Electric shock
  • UV Radiation exposure

Why does this job appeal to me?

This job appeals to me because, generally speaking, the money is pretty good. Not only is the money good, but the hours are typically good as well. Sure you might have to work some 60+ hour weeks during a busy point in time, but other than that, probably only 40 hour weeks. Welding is also quite fun. However there are some disadvantages as well, welding can lead to long-term health problems. It can also be very dangerous if you don't take the proper precautions.