Old Stone Age VS. New Stone Age

Paleolithic VS. Neolithic;6,000-12,000.12,000-70,000yrs ago.

The Old Stone Age : Physical Survival

Men in the Paleolithic Era survived by making tools carved out of stone, wood, and bones.

The Old Stone Age : Nutritional Survival

Men survived then by Hunting Animals and Gathering nature resources they could find. They used those wooden, stone and bone carved tools to kill, and skin the animals. During the Old Stone Age, people would gather seeds, berries and roots, as something to eat besides meat.

During Paleolithic Era everyone was a nomad. They didn't have a single place they always resided in. They moved around constantly.

The New Stone Age : Physical Survival

Everyone was still using man made tools out of natural materials.

Agriculture : They also raised crops. They domesticates plans and animals.

Domestication : To train something useful for people.

The New Stone Age : Nutritional Survival

While they domesticated the plans and animals themselves. They ate them as a source of nutrition, and a way to survive.