NCVPS French 3 - Block

Madame Hardy

Unit 3

This is just a reminder that Unit 3 (which we finished February 20th) will be closing permanently on MONDAY MORNING. I sent out emails at the beginning of the week if your child was missing anything from Unit 3. If you have any questions or would like to know if they are still missing anything, just let me know!

Due Dates

We are finishing up Week 7 this week. Students should have finished up Unit 4 and started Unit 5. They will be finishing Unit 5 next week. Students are learning how to talk about the future in Unit 5. I've included last week's and next week's assignments below.

Please remind your children to work ahead according to the schedules I sent them so they don't have to work over their spring break. I will be out of the country with limited internet access from March 25-April 7.