Board Briefs

Highlights from the December 16, 2019 BOE meeting

Board Briefs is a newsletter-style overview of the highlights of the Board of Education's discussion and action. You can find the meeting agenda online here, and look for minutes of the meeting to be posted after they are approved at the next BOE meeting (January 27, 2020).

Public Hearing: Tax Levy

Before the regular meeting, the Board of Education held a public hearing on the 2019 Tax Levy. Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Eric Miller, reviewed the information presented at several previous Board meetings. He explained that the Board is considering a 4.99% levy, though the expected actual increase is 2.54% over the 2018 extension.

During the community participation period, the following citizens spoke:

  • Sean McMahon, resident, expressed concern about tax increases.
  • Emmanuel Martinez, former District 34 student, explained that when he was a student, Springman was insufficient. He would like to see funds used to improve the schools.

In the regular meeting, the Board approved the levy.

Superintendent's Reflections

Each month, Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli updates the Board of Education and the community about programs, events, notable achievements, and other timely information and celebrations.

Glenview Generosity

Dr. Delli called out the philanthropic work throughout all of the schools. He said that all schools participate in Holiday Helper programs each year to provide food, clothing, gifts and gift cards for more than 370 families in our community. He said that there were many other examples in schools and classrooms of service projects, fundraisers and collections, not only around the holidays but throughout the year. He wished everyone happy holidays.

Community Comments

The community is encouraged to attend Board of Education meetings, and contribute during the community participation periods. In all regular Board of Education meetings, the Board follows a set agenda that include two opportunities for community participation.

In the first opportunity for input, the following community members spoke:

  • Elena Magnus, parent, shared concerns about the earlier start times and the late start day set to begin with the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Alexander Magnus, parent, shared an article from the Chicago Tribune, "Happier and healthier lives: Schools change homework, start times and more in response to student anxiety."
  • Sophia Korman, student, said that she feels that her lunch period is not long enough.


The Board approved the consent agenda, which included a personnel report, payroll and vendor warrants and libraries grant.

The Board also approved the 2020-2021 school calendar.

Big picture

Building Future: Referendum

"It is not an exaggeration to say that the vote the board will take later this evening is one of the most important ones in recent memory," said Board President Natalie Jachtorowycz. "It has been 32 years since there has been a referendum funding needs across the entire district and 19 years since voters approved a bond measure to build one school, Attea Middle School. Much like those measures, this referendum resolution before the board tonight will have an impact on our community for the next 20-30 years."

She continued, "In discussion at our December 2nd meeting, some Board members expressed a strong desire to enhance what the task force recommended by addressing space needs and incorporating full-day kindergarten. The motivation to do so is the belief that the youngest of our students should have the strongest start possible to their educational life in our schools."

"The Board is using the Building Future Task Force recommendation as a strong foundation to create the scenario that allows us to meet the facility and educational needs of District 34 – and the goals outlined in our strategic plan. "

Eric Miller outlined the steps the administration took in reducing the final scope and cost:

  • Reduce the design and construction contingency of 4%: $5.2M reduction
  • Reduce scope by keeping the admin and warehouse: $5.7M reduction
  • Increase fund balance contribution to $20M
  • Set a "work to" number of $150M, which may warrant modifications

He showed a tax-impact chart, and pointed to the tax calculator that citizens could visit on the website to see the estimated tax increase.

Several Board members expressed their support of the process and the final referendum question. Board Member Katie Jones reiterated her support for providing full-day kindergarten. Board Member Mike Korman said the community can count on the Board to be aggressive stewards of the investment and that the Board will be mindful of the commitment the community is making in the schools.

Board Vice President Jim Baumstark said he feels it is right for the Board to ask the community for funds when the schools really need it, not when it's nice to have. He believes that time has come and that the school facilities fall far behind other public facilities in the Glenview community.

Board Member Diane Stefani commended her fellow Board members in asking difficult questions to get to this referendum question. She said that she is in support of children being in safe buildings and the Board has the best interest of children at heart.

Board Member Scott Nelson pointed out the dates of construction of the schools: 1948, 1949, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1959, 1960, and 2003.

The Board passed the resolution unanimously.


Student, Transportation and Building Use Fees

Mr. Miller shared a comparison of District 34 fees with peer districts. The administration recommends that the District keep 2020-2021 fees flat, with no increase, and continue to offer an early bird discount of $50. The Board will take action on fees at the next meeting.

Community Comments

In the second opportunity for community comment, Maren Okrzynski, parent, thanked the Board for their work and willingness to consider full-day kindergarten. She said that she knows people who have chosen not to move to Glenview because District 34 does not offer full-day kindergarten.

Meet the Board of Education

Glenview District 34 is governed by a seven-person Board of Education, elected by the community, that consists of the following individuals:

  • Natalie Jachtorowycz (President)
  • Jim Baumstark (Vice President)
  • John Heggie
  • Katie Jones
  • Mike Korman
  • Scott Nelson
  • Diane Stefani

You can contact the Board at