The Battle of Midway

Us History 7th Hr (by: Katie Chyma)


Started July 14, 1942
Ended June 7, 1945

The Battle Of Midway was fought between America and Japan.

Battle of Midway was fought on a mid-Pacific American base.

The Battle was significant due to japan trying to stop America from using the base, because it was used as an air craft-carrier.

The total amount of causalities from the Battle of Midway is 3,364 people in all.

America won the Battle of the Midway, turning point was when Chester Nimitz a navy seal came up with the plan of attack on the battle at Midway. With some help from code-breakers, America won the battle at Midway.

Both sides America lost 3,000 American men, and Japan lost about 1600 men.

Three interesting facts about this war is with help from code-breaking America was able to counterattack Japans original plan of ambush on the mid-Pacific base. Another interesting fact is that America has inflicting permanent damage on the Japanese. Finale interesting fact about Battle of the Midway is that this was Japans first major loss of air-crafts in a war.