World Religions: Christianity

By: Yaritza Tonche

What is the most important belief in this Religion?

The most important belief in this religion is that Christians believe in only one god whom they call Father as Jesus Christ taught them.

Why do they believe that?

The bible (holy writing) makes it clear that God created all living things therefore there can be no other god.

In your opinion, what makes the believers of this religion want to follow its teachings of its prophets?

In my opinion the believers of this religion (Christians) follow its teachings because some of them grew up with these beliefs/teachings. I also think that they would want to follow these teachings because they have "proof" (holy bible) so the believers would read the stories inside the bible and believe them.

How do extremists in this religion justify their actions against nonbelievers

Extremist will base their justifications off the bible to kill nonbelievers.

(A long time ago)

Current Event (December 9,2014)

Marquette University encouraging catholic professors to report gay marriage opposition as a form of 'Harassment'

I think that the reason why the followers of this religion call opinions to same-sex marriage 'Harassment' is because they think that people who are gay are going to be motivated by the good opinions on same-sex marriage and just turn to their same sex and flirt. I think this because that's one of the many reasons why people call it a harassment. I say that this is a negative consequence to the world because it shouldn't be a harassment if you're attracted to the same sex. People should be free to love what they love without people saying its wrong or a harassment.

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The Last Supper

This piece of art is important to the religion because it was the last dinner Jesus had with his followers. Jesus had this dinner because he knew he was going to be killed later on. So, in other words it was a goodbye dinner.

This art piece was created by Leonardo da Vinci in the year of 1498.

Beautiful Savior

"Beautiful Savior, King of creation
Son of God and Son of Man!
Truly I'd love Thee, truly I'd serve Thee,
Light of my soul, my joy, my crown.

Fair are the meadows, Fair are the woodlands,
Robed in the flowers of blooming spring;
Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer,
He makes our sorrowing spirit sing.

Fair is the sunshine, Fair is the moonlight,
Bright the sparkling stars on high;
Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer
Than all the angels in the sky.

Beautiful Savior, Lord of the nations,
Son of God and Son of Man!
Glory and honor, Praise, adoration
Now and forevermore be Thine!"

The lyrics indicate that all honor and praise goes to god. This poem relates to the religion because the followers only worship one god.