Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg , the beautiful city of South Africa, travel back in time to see how it was back then, as you experience the time of your life, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tasteful Foods

A wonderful way to fill up your appetite, is with South African food. If you are looking for something to eat, try the South African diet. One of the most common eaten dishes is the Sosaties, which is basically marinated cubed meat [ most likely lamb]. They use a wide variety of spices in their food, which makes the food taste good. If you are wandering around for dessert, try milktart, it is just like pie. So come and try new foods you've never tasted.

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Johannesburg's Past

Johannesburg isn't just known for the apartheid era, but for it's long history. Johannesburg was founded 1886, and was a place for mining. So it later became the biggest city in South Africa. It is currently a big centre for liberal thought. Just recently,the 2010 World Cup was held in Johannesburg. There is more than you believe there is.

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Fun things to do

Try having fun by visiting zoo's, theaters, and museums. One of the most fantastic zoo's is the lion's park. It has hundred's of different species. Also, there are multiple theaters and culture museums. One of the most beautiful theaters is the Fox House theater. It was dedicated to artist's in South Africa. An exciting museum is the museum of Africa. It basically tracks down history of Africa from the stone ages. It isn't just history but interesting facts.

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emotional and exciting places

History is important in South Africa because it tells the mistakes we made. The Johannesburg museum is a great place to visit, to see the emotional life of the black South Africans. Another is the constitution hill. It is a very exciting place because it was a prison. The gold reef city is a place where people worked in mines . Also another interesting place is the Sweto tour.It is a mind expanding adventure. All these places can be emotional and teach us a life lesson.

11 oficial languages

It is hard to understand what others are saying, that is why there are eleven official languages.If you like reading the news paper, they have it in all the languages and English being one of them. Did you know that in the South African constitution there is a list of the eleven official languages? Also, most of the ethnic groups have a specific language. If you're having trouble getting somewhere relax, English is the most common language spoken in Johannesburg.You are guaranteed to understand what they're saying.

nice weather

Too hot or too cold? Come to johannesburg where it is neither hot nor cold. It rains 25 inches a year but it doesn't rain as much in the summer. Most of the rain goes to the eastern part of the country. What is really cool is that Johannesburg only gets eight hours of sunlight each day. The subtropical areas are the warmest. Because the weather is nice, you will enjoy your stay in South Africa.

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