The impact of life's experiences on learning

Can four hours change your life?

The Poverty Project is a NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED SIMULATION ACTIVITY which enables teachers, community members, and administrators to experience the impact life's unexpected stressors have on learning. There are many types of poverties and deficits. This program focuses on resources. Sometimes, when you least suspect it, you can change a student's life. You will walk away with a new understanding of factors affecting learning.

Why is your student always late? How come she/he seems distracted? Why is homework incomplete? And the issues discussed in this simulation are relevant to many situations, not just economic poverty. Join us. You will be glad you did.

The Poverty Project; Sponsored by Oceanside Professional Development Center, A New York State Teacher Center

Saturday, April 22nd, 8am-1pm

145 Merle Avenue Room W23

Due to its overwhelming success, we are pleased to announce a second Poverty Project! Please join us for this unusual and transformative opportunity. Experience the lives of students who present as distracted or unmotivated. Many of our students have concerns that are not always apparent. How do we address those concerns? How do they impact learning? What can we do about it? OPEN TO COMMUNITY MEMBERS. REGISTER ON MLP or by emailing: SPACE IS LIMITED TO 50 so register early.

OPDC is a Registered CTLE provider.

In-Service Credit: Choose from 4 hours to participate or 6 hours to help fulfill a community role play

Oceanside Teachers Register on MyLearningPlan

Saturday, April 22nd, 8am-12pm

145 Merle Avenue

Oceanside, NY

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