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Thank you for your interest in Celadon Road!

Our Mission

Celadon Road is dedicated to promoting greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering our customers the highest-quality organic, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs. In following our mission, we inspire individuals to discover and explore their shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. We strongly believe if we all make small changes toward a greener lifestyle, collectively we can have a profound impact on our world.

What I Love

Celadon Road is a company that truly lives its mission. Every decision that is made, whether is it the products in the catalog to the paper that the catalog is printed on, is grounded in Celadon Road's mission of creating a greener, healthier world.

The products are amazing too! They really work. I'm so proud to use them in my home and share them with my family and friends. And I've made even more friends through my business through parties and sharing the opportunity.

Thank you so much for your interest in Celadon Road! I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Our Generous Compensation Plan

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Get Rewarded for Your Efforts

In your first 30 days, our "Road to Success" not only trains you and helps you get your business up and running, but rewards you with prizes too. The rewards don't stop there. Generous incentives happen monthly! Ask me about the current offers.

Who I Am

My name is Amanda Arkans and I am a Founding Consultant with Celadon Road. I joined the company on Earth Day 2011 because I was interested in trying the products and there wasn't a consultant in my area to show them off to me. I'm so glad I took that chance! My life has only changed for the better. My household is greener and healthier. I've got a business that allows me to make money for my family and have fun. My fellow Celadon Road Consultants are like an amazing extended family. I can't wait to share Celadon Road with you too!