Fabulous First Grade in Rm G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

Homework Update

Thank you to all of the families who are supporting their Firsties as they begin their nightly homework! Great things I have noticed:

  • MOST everyone is returning their Take Home Folders every day.
  • Almost all of the kiddos are returning Math HW on Wednesdays and Fridays.

REMEMBER: As your child reads from their book bag, it's okay with me if you find it necessary to break up those ten minutes into smaller chunks so your child can be successful.

What is Room G3 learning?

Reading/Writing- We are practicing Daily 5 in class. So far, we have worked on Read to Self and Work on Writing. We can read about 7 minutes as a class without any distractions! In writing, we are really working on "Stretching out the Sounds" so they can write more independently.

  • How can parents help?
  1. Don't write for them!
  2. Help them hear the sounds by slowing down as you say the word.

Social Studies- We started reading about rules and citizenship. We discussed the "Golden Rule" and the Character Pillars quite a bit. Students learned that citizens can vote and we practiced voting in class.

Math- finishing up Unit 1. A Unit Review will come home on Thursday for you to review with your kiddo. Test will be on Friday.

  • How can parents help?
  1. With your child, brainstorm a word problem for any two one digit numbers. Have your child write it out. Try it out! Here's a first grader's story for 5+6:
Big image

A Typical First Grade Story Problem