Abolition Movement

"If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong." -Lincoln

Enjoy listening to music that I hope might inspire you to join the movement towards freedom!

Visualizing Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre
The piece of music is titled Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre.

Why Should You Join?

Join because it's what you deserve. We are humans just as much as the whites and deserve to be treated as such. We've put up with this problem long enough. Now that a law has been passed ending the slave trade, we are one step closer to the complete ending of slavery!

Don't you want to be able to own your own house, your own land, make money for yourself, and raise your family the way you want to?

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Join right along with our most prominent leaders!


We, as much as anyone deserve freedom. Join us, as we fight for our independence! We want to be treated as humans like everyone else!

Frederick Douglass Speech

Monday, July 5th 1852 at 10am

Corinthian Hall Rochester, NY