People should stick to their word.

Act. 1 Scene. 3

The nurse starts of with the opinion of any man is fine for Juliet by saying, "A man young lady! Lady, such a man as all the world-whys he's a man of wax."(p.1007 lines 80-85) The nurse is freaking out about how Juliet has finally found a guy. The nurse is ranting on about Romeo. She's freaking out about the man but has never even met him. As we will soon find out the nurse will soon change her thoughts on the men Juliet has picked. The nurse wont stick with her word.

Act. 3 Scene. 2

To take a quick change the nurse spurred out, "There's no trust, No faith, No honesty in men. All prejured, all forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers."(lines 80-85) This is the nurse ranting to Juliet about Tybalts death. Now that Tybalt is dead she now changes her mind. She tells Juliet that all men are bad and no good. This shows how the nurse is changing her mind yet again and not sticking to her word.

Act. 1 Scene. 3

Right when you think the nurse is done with Romeo she states. "Marry bachelor. Her mother is the lady of the house. And a good lady, and a wise and virtuous. I nursed her daughter that you talked withal. I tell you, he that can lay hold of her. Shall have chinks."(lines 115-120) The nurse is talking to Romeo about the wealth's that will come if he marries Juliet. By the nurse talking to Romeo about marriage with Juliet she is proposing the idea. She goes against her word when she was once furious about Romeo killing Tybalt.

Act. 2 Scene. 5

Although the nurse was beyond happy that Juliet had found a guy she still says to Juliet,"Well you have made a simple choice, you know not how to choose a man. Romeo! No not he though his face better than any man's yet his leg excels all men's, and for a hand and a foot, body those are not to talk on. Yet they are past compare. He is not however okay. Courtesy, but ill warrant him, as a gentile man."(lines 35-40) The nurse is speaking to Juliet after she has met Romeo in person finally. By the nurse coming back to Juliet and telling her Romeo is not the one for her. After she has supported Juliet with marrying Romeo she has changed her mind again by not sticking to her word and wanting them apart.

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