Keystone Review Guide

Zwaila Webb & Kassandra Spady


Water is a molecule and the picture shows the structure and the polarity of the molecule.
Adhesion is when two different molecules attract.
Cohesion is when two of the same molecules attract.
Heat storage collects polar heat and keeps it to use it when the temperatures are cool.
pH is the level of acid.
polarity is having a negative and a positive charge.


Macromolecules has a lot of atoms. The 4 groups are Proteins, Nucleic Acid, Carbohydrates and Lipids. Macromolecules are needed in the human body to live. They carry dna, rna and. They also store and provide the bodies energy. They also make fat for the body to burn.


Protein's function is to provide energy, store energy, dissolve other nutrients, and control chemical reactions. Proteins are made up of a lot of animo acids. Examples of proteins are eggs, poultry, meat, cheese and nuts.

Example of Proteins!!!

Nucleic acids

An example of a nucleic acid is DNA, also known as deoxy ribo nucleic acid. The function of this nucleic acid is to carry heredity traits.

Another example is ATP also known as adenosinetriphosphate which is an energy bank.

The last example is RNA also kno as ribonucleic acid which carries instructions for making protiens.