EQ: Could we do something about it?

EQ1: Why are there people who are forced to live on the streets and we do nothing about it?

Poverty is caused by multiple things such as bankruptcy, the lose of jobs, or not enough income. These are some examples, but there are plenty of other reasons.

Why do they have to live on the streets?

Mainly because of there jobs or the struggle to gain enough income to support themselves and their families. Then, because they don't have enough money to pay for there home, they are kicked out of there houses and take all that they can. So when you see a homeless person you should show a little sympathy and give them some food or a few bucks.

The Doctor who helps the homeless

Dr. Jim Withers

This man spends time with people on the street, he gives and gives all that he can to help them. He provides them with medical aid, he gives them attention, he sits down for hours listening to their problems."Once you know their out their, it haunts you." Dr. Jim says.

Who are we to judge

Most of the time we turn around or cross the street when we see a homeless person sitting or approaching. We don't bother to help them or even say good morning. What you don't realize is that they are just like you and me. They have problems that they need to deal with every day. Besides, who are we to judge? When you see a person who you know is homeless some people think that guy is a failure, well you know what they might just be more successful then you one day. When you judge the homeless that only makes you less of a person then him.

Can we help them

Yes we can, you can go out today look for homeless people and don't just hand them money, spend time with them. Take them out to a restaurant or something. Like the man in the picture we should sit down and get to know them, make them feel comfortable. You also don't have to meet them up front if you think you will act awkward in front of them, there is always a way to help. You can help at places that make lunch's for poor children across the U.S. You can always donate what you don't use and what you do use, church's always have organizations that are dedicated to helping the poor.

EQ2: Can we prevent poverty?

Can we stop poverty from ever happening in the first place? Will it even be possible to slow it down at least and what are we even doing about it know?
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The Poverty Rate

Over the last decade the poverty rate has increased from 12.8% in 1989 to 15.3% in 2010. That's not that bad but nor is it good.

The Plan

The Borgen Project made a page telling us how to stop poverty in small communities, here's there plan:

Economic Security:

Though economic growth is not required, economic security provides family's with sufficient stability to count on a constituent family income.


Adequate access to healthcare is essential to ensuring health and wellness.

Water and Sanitation:

Prevention of disease in communities is largely dependent on adequate faculties.


Providing a quality education will make an important change in a child's life.

Child Participation:

Helping children learn their right's and engage in civic duties set's the foundation for a strong community.


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