Gold rush

Gold rush

the cali gold rush 1849,

in April 1847 reported the town consisted of 79 building included shanties. frames houses and adobes.
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passage to california.

rich boys would produce $23 million of gold.

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one claim in this results in $17,000 worth of gold in a single week.

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although he experienced a few days at sea sickness, he describes the voyage as enjoyable.
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The Start of the California Gold Rush (1849)

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slaughtered Indians for the sports, drove Mexicans from the mines on penalty of death and sought expecially the Chinese.

the nicknames of the immigrents who travles to california in 1849

there where a thousands of the member's in san Francisco during the early 1850s, but only on conviction.

at the time a part of the conlumbia.

the people went down the rivers to look for gold and to find people that were looking for gold. after looking for gold they went to a store to sell it and to get money out of it so that they can by land and so that can be richer than everyone else.