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ALBIT on Sweet Potatoes - " Roland Wood " Benson NC, USA

Untreated - poor tuber initiation and an increase of balling tubers.
Tuber set was improved when ALBIT was added to the setting water at planting.

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The vine growth on the untreated rows had significantly less spread and leaf growth.

ALBIT treated plants had improved vine growth

- stimulates root development & mineral absorption

- promotes plant growth and vigor

- enhancement of plant defenses against pest and diseases

- increased resistance to environmental stresses

- less "balling" of tubers

- noticeable difference in the shape of the "canner" tubers

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Untreated 190/40 lbs boxes per acre @ $ 12/box = $ 2280/ac
Albit Treated 315/40 lbs boxes per acre @$ 12/box= $3189/ac



For every 1 DOLLAR SPENT there was a 45 DOLLAR RETURN

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