Financial Literacy

By Gavin Lane

My Career as an Architect

Being an architect was one of the first suggestions the survey. Even before the survey I wanted to be an architect because I want to design and create things. The average architect makes eighty one thousand five hundred and twenty dollars which means I will have six thousand seven hundred ninety three dollars and thirty three cents for my budget a month.

Architectural CADD at Oklahoma State University

I want to go to OSU because it has a good athletics program, offers a degree in architectural CADD, and I have family in Oklahoma. A bachelor's degree at Oklahoma State University costs thirty nine thousand six hundred without a college loan. With a college loan after a two year deferment with four and six hundredths percent interest for ten years the total cost is fifty four thousand one hundred thirty five dollars and five cents. That means the monthly payment is four hundred fifty one dollars and thirteen cents. The original cost was thirty nine thousand six hundred.
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My House

My house on 8512 Horse Whisper Ln, Fort worth, tx 76131 costs one hundred thirty five thousand dollars with out a mortgage. With a mortgage for twenty years at an interest rate of three and twenty five hundredths percent interest the total cost would be one hundred eighty one thousand six hundred ten dollars and forty cents which is equal to seven hundred fifty six dollars and seventy one cents.

My Car

My car is a challenger and costs seventeen thousand nine hundred eighty four dollars and with a four year loan at a interest rate of three percent the total cost is nineteen thousand one hundred six dollars and eighty eight cents. That will be three hundred ninety eight dollars and six cents a month.
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