World Cup (Spain)

By: Kaylee Borden, Avery Dew, Heather Donald

Flag & Flag Facts


  • Horizontal bands of red across the top and bottom
  • Between the two red stripes, the flag is a thick golden yellow band
  • The Spanish coat of arms is featured, symbolizing the kingdoms of Spain
  • On the coat of arms are the arms and symbols of the arms former Kingdoms of Spain, including the Kingdom of Castile, and the House of Bourbon

  • The flag was adopted as the national flag of Spain on December 6, 1978
  • Spain was divided into many kingdoms, which had their own flags or emblems that are now represented on the Spanish national flag
  • The color scheme was first selected by King Charles III, and the flag was first used as the naval flag of the country
  • Queen Isabella II made the flag official in 1843
  • After the Spanish Civil War, the red and gold flag, this time featuring an eagle, became the national flag of Spain in 1936. With the Spanish Constitution in 1978, the current flag of Spain was designated the official national flag of Spain.

National Anthem


  • The anthem first appeared in a book of military bugle calls dating from 1761, known as the “Marcha Granadera”.
  • After the anthem was replaced by the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War with “Himno Riego“, the victorious monarchist forces restored the “Marcha Real” by a decree from General Franco in July 1942.
  • The long version is to be used for the King , the short version is for the Prince, the Prime Minister, or to be performed for sporting events or other events of the like
  • After Franco’s death in 1975, the name of the anthem was changed to simply “Himno Nacional Español”, perhaps to stress that the anthem belonged to the entire nation, rather than just the king.

Long live Spain!

We sing together,

with different voices,

and only one heart.

Long live Spain!

From the green valleys,

to the immense sea,

a hymn of brotherhood.

Love the Fatherland,

which knows how to embrace,

below the blue sky,

people in freedom.

Glory to the sons,

who to history give,

justice and greatness,

democracy and peace.