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Discovery Education's TEKS Aligned Resources

Discovery Education Experience has over 200,000 high-quality, developmentally appropriate, and TEKS-aligned resources. With Discovery Education Experience, students engage with authentic media content, interactives, and authentic multimedia content tools that support the development of skills, dispositions, and content knowledge. In addition, teachers are equipped with engaging and timely instructional strategies and ready-to-use activities that scaffold critical-thinking skills and digital tools to support students as they build their understanding and the independence needed to be successful outside the classroom.
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Discovery Education virtual field trips take your students beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world's most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences—no permission slips required.
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SOS Instructional Strategies are research-based teaching and learning strategies for integrating DE content resources into engaging, interactive learning experiences. The strategies focus on key skills and habits that help students become successful learners.

Sample Virtual Field Trip + SOS Instructional Strategy

Virtual Field Trip: Our Stories Are Stronger Than Hate

SOS Instructional Strategy: Did You Hear That?

Field Trip Overview:

Students will listen to and watch the Virtual Field Trip. As students hear the stories told, they will make notes about how they would feel if they were in that person's shoes, based upon what is heard and what is felt. Students take notes about the pictures seen as they hear the stories. Students connect their life experiences to the stories heard. Allow this to be students' starting place for telling their story.

By the end of your field trip, you will be able to:

  • define testimony,

  • reflect on the personal impact of testimonies you have listened to,

  • describe how stories shape and inspire your life, and,

  • begin to tell your story to inspire others.

The Did You Hear That? SOS Instructional Strategy touches on the following:

  • Identifying Key Ideas and Details
  • Inferring & Predicting

McREL Phases of Learning:

  • Become Interested
  • Make Sense
SOS Did You Hear That Instructional Strategy

Grab-and-Go Resources

Discovery Education provides a host of grab-and-go social studies support resources for teachers. Secondary TEKS-aligned social studies resources include Civics, Economics, Government, United States History, Geography, Ancient Civilizations, World History and so much more!

Discovery Education is known for its high-quality, engaging videos and video segments. Beyond videos, Discovery Education provides teachers with easily accessible interactives, lessons, activities, images, text, audio, and instructional strategies to enhance teaching and engage learners.

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