The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a well-written popular novel by YouTuber John Green, as known as 1/2 of the VlogBrothers. This book contains 313 pages in first person. The two main characters, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Both are diagnosed with cancer, and fight through it together. Hazel slowly starts to fall in love with a boy she knows is trouble. They live their lives together, and even go to Amsterdam. Augustus, later on, unfortunately, doesn't make it to the end, which saddens Hazel a lot, for he was her boyfriend. They had many bonds and connections, but Hazel will always remember Augustus for his attractive smoky low voice.

The Theme

The theme of The Fault in our Stars is to keep going on no matter what. Hazel kept fighting, both mentally and physically. I can apply this to whenever I'm in a rough time. Just keep pushing on. It represents perseverance. So whenever life gets hard, I can just remember Hazel. How she fought, how she went on, even when Augustus, the love of her life, her only friend, passed away. This theme is very important to remember and should always be applied to real life. I definitely will be using this in the future.
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