Lack of Technology in Classrooms

Special Needs students can be technologically advanced too!

Genius Hour Question

Why is there a lack of technology in special needs classrooms?
  • Need for more funding
  • Lack of teachers who are qualified
  • Lack of professional development in technology
  • Lack of enthusiasm for technology

How can technology effectively help students and teachers in the classroom for those who have special needs?

  • Expand professional development in technology
  • Increase Internet access and software issues and IT support
  • Make technology advocates
  • Find grants for additional funding

How Can Technology be incorporated for Special Needs Students?

  • Talk to the parents to see if they are affected by the LED lights from computers, to make sure you are not triggering off anything
  • Ask the students do they know how to use the technology
  • Each month the school should host a technology based seminar that will help increase teacher's knowledge of how to use apps and devices
  • During the school year and summer, the technology should be checked in the classrooms to make sure they are up to date and functioning properly
  • There should be a timeline for laptops (if available) to be checked out by each classroom and to be incorporated to meet standards for each lesson
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This is important because every student has the right to have an education that helps them become a better citizen for the world. Each student is unique and with the way technology is improving this may be a way to help bridge the gap. This may help students teach a concept better to each other by using educational apps. Technology is the friend and not the enemy.