How slightly complex technology can help kids learn

How would FlipGrid help?

I did not know what FlipGrid was until this class of EDIT 2000. This is a perfect way to have students tell their opinion about things or share stories. This activity again would be used for Early Elementary School students, but unlike our simple activity, this one could be applied to any grade. The purpose of a FlipGrid is to make a short 90 second or less video to answer a prompt question or share an opinion. It has many other uses as well. FlipGrid can be used for pretty much anything.

The way we would use FlipGrid as a complex activity would be in a social studies class. The teacher can come up with a question that relates to the material they are teaching. Then, each student has to give their personal response using the app FlipGrid.

When to use it?

This activity would be one the teachers uses about once a week. They may not use it every week because it all depends on the material the teacher is teaching and the kids are learning, but it would be a great activity that the kids would like to do. It is a way for kids to get excited to participate and get involved in the classroom.