Tertiary Time period

by Andrew Rauenbuehler

The Tertiary time period

Take a wonderful time traveling vacation back in time to the tertiary time period were there are many interesting things to see, this is a time were you can see the start of everything you see today!

What is the Climate

At this time the climate was a dry more warm climate

What to see and do

Some of the first grasses were starting to grow, and flowering plants were thriving, You also might recognize some of the plants we see today! The Alps, Himalayas, rocky mountains are formed, go and enjoy these mountains at there early stages. Have an interest in animals? Modern groups such as horses, elephants, bears, rodents, and primates appear. Basic animals that you see now are in there early stages and ready to be seen!

But watch out for dehydration, starvation, and the ice age, it your time machine gets frozen you will be stuck, and don't forget lava!

What to bring

Many basic edible foods are growing, but bring non perishable food. Food like trail mix and granola bars. Bring a weapon for occasional hunting and self defense. If you are choosing to be delivered to somewhere close to the equator then dress light, if you are inland, or upland dress heavy. There will be other necessary supplies on time machine. Don't forget to bring bottled water, water purifier will be supplied with the time machine.

What to expect

Mammals were starting to appear, ice age and land ridges were appearing. The alps, himalayas, and rocky mountains are formed.