October News

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School Adjustments

We've made it past a month of school! The kids are starting to adjust to new schedules and making new friends. Separation anxiety from mom/dad should start to decrease around this time. Thank you for honoring our teacher's wishes of quick drop offs.

TWO WAY STREET: Another big change everyone had to adjust to this month is 3rd Ave. SW turning into a two way street. The direction you approach the preschool is now from the east or L St. With that came new parking lanes. We no longer have parking at the curb, it is the middle lane. Thank you for everyone to adjusting to these changes.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: Thank for honoring our pick up/drop off lane this year and not parking on 3rd Ave. from 8:45-8:55 and 11:50-12:00. These are times reserved for a moving line of cars that are signed up for the pick up/drop off service. Anyone is welcome to park on 3rd Ave. after 8:55am and 12:00pm.

Fundraiser a success

Thank you all for participating in this year's fundraiser. We raised over $1000 for our preschool which will be used to purchase some more items for our gross motor room and classrooms.

Fall Pictures - Oct. 14 and 15

Read Photography will be here this Wednesday and Thursday to take student pictures. There will be individual and class group photos taken. The background will be grey with white props and various colors of crayons to coordinate with outfits. Proofs will be sent home on picture day with an option to purchase prints. All orders will be due back the following Thursday, Oct. 22nd. We will have pictures back in time for the holidays. 2s and 3s pictures will be taken on whatever class day they attend. If your 2/3 attends 4 days a week and is in both class sessions, they will have their individual picture taken on Wednesday and class picture taken on both Wednesday and Thursday. 4s will have their pictures taken on Thursday. You will have one more opportunity for pictures in the spring around Easter. Those will be taken by Lifetouch and will include graduation pcitures for the 4s.

No School Friday, Oct. 16

Open House, Thursday, Oct. 22

Our annual open house will be Thursday, Oct. 22nd from 6-7pm. This is a time for your children to show off their classroom to their parents and any extended family you would like to bring. We hope you can make it!

Field Trip to Bloomsbury Farm

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 9am-12pm

3260 69th Street

Atkins, IA

Friday, October 23rd the 4s class will be taking a field trip to Bloomsbury Farm. We will be riding a Cedar Rapids School District bus to Bloomsbury. Please make sure at drop off that you sign the consent form for your child to take the bus. Parents are welcome to attend with their child on this special day. You may ride the bus or drive a separate vehicle. Younger siblings are not allowed on the bus. Admission for parents and siblings is $5/per person. Siblings below the age of 3 are free. We hope to leave promptly at 9 in order for us to have as much time on the farm as possible so please plan to arrive a little early that day. Watch the weather and dress warm as its always colder and windy out at Bloomsbury.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Fall Celebrations- Oct. 28-30

We will end the month of October with a special day of dress up and fun activities in the classrooms. The 2s and 3s will celebrate on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 28 and 29th. The 4s will celebrate on Friday, Oct. 30th. Students are invited, but not required to dress up in a costume. We will have a costume parade for the parents at 9:15. Please drop your student off at the classroom and then head to the parade site. We ask that you not stay in the classrooms on this day as it becomes really overwhelming for some kids. We will do a parade around the grassy courtyard outside, weather permitting. Alternate parade location is the sanctuary on the 1st floor of the church. This year we are inviting parents to offer treats or fun trinkets as the children walk by if they'd like. Trinkets could be playdough, glow stick, etc. We are a peanut free facility and ask that NO candy is opened within the building since we do not have as much control over what comes in that day. Bring a bag with your child's costume. Please refrain from scary, violent or evil costumes. For example: no blood, weapons, ghosts, devils, scary monsters, etc

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Look for all upcoming activities on our online calendar at: www.trinitylanepreschool.org/calendar

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