April 2015

Year 6 become code breakers for the day with a visit to Bletchley Park

Year 6 were privileged to not only visit Bletchley Park but also see and touch an original Enigma machine. There are only a handful of these machines left in the world and at a recent auction one fetched nearly £100,000! There was lots of excitement in the room when they pupils realised that each time they pressed a letter on the typewriter board, the chances of the encrypted letter showing up had a probability of nearly 158 million, million, million to one! There are better odds winning the lottery at an easy 11 million to one!

Model United Nations and meeting the former UK ambsassador to the UN

Lower Sixth pupils attended the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Barry. MUN is run like a real UN meeting with schools representing different countries and discussing set topics. The main topics covered were Isis and Women Rights, but there were many more sub concerns also discussed. The initial

resolutions to these issues were proposed by Iraq and Canada, respectively. The rest of

the countries had to argue whether they were in favour or against them basing

themselves on the politics and way of thinking these different countries have in our

real world. The International Press had to make up a report on what the countries

were saying during the debate and present it to the audience afterwards whilst assistants to the

General Secretary of the organizing committee who were moderating the debate

between countries handled notes countries wrote between countries if they wanted to discuss privately any issue in a called ‘Moderating Room’, reach an agreement or set a new amendment to the initial resolution with which both countries agree, between others.

At the end of the day, we received the visit from the Former Ambassador to the UN who

gave a beautiful speech about the purpose of the UN in our global modern society and

made everyone present interact with him by asking questions to the students

representing countries and being asked afterwards. Written by Blanca (Lower 6th)

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Senior School Cross Country at Cosmeston

World Book Day thank you

On behalf of Oxfam I would like to thank all the pupils, family members and staff who contributed towards the activities on World Book Day. Many pupils paid a donation to dress up as literary characters - Harry Potter-mania would appear to be on the wane as only two characters were present, And 'Where's Wally?' Well, we had five! Prizes for costume and effort went to Georgia (Year 6), Adam ( Year 7) the Gibson girls (Year 10) and Emmie (L6). In addition to the donations, pupils were asked to donate books and write a special message for a book sale. All together, we managed to raise £105 for charity. Well done!

As part of the initiative to raise literary awareness as well as funds, staff were asked to select their favourite book then to summarise it and explain why it was so important to them. These descriptions were kept anonymous and pupils had to match the staff members to their choices. There was one clear winner the enterprising Joe (Year 10)! With poetry, the book-sale, the mystery book quiz, fancy dress and our donation to Oxfam I would like to congratulate all who took part and made the days events enjoyable! Written by Mr Pocknell

Children in Need

Junior School Mother's Day assembly

Years 1 and 2 visit to Techniquest

Year 1 and Year 2 went to Techniquest. We went on the spinning chair. Also we

looked at the ants and tried to make a whirl pool. It was very hard. Evie and I went in the

mirror. I showed her my secret hideout. We saw Woodland Wonders and it was great. Then

we had a biscuit and we made a tidal wave. We all got wet. Then it was time to go. By Adara (Y2)

PC Mudie visits Year 2

PC Emma Mudie and Tarian the dragon visited Year 2. The children learnt about keeping safe with medicines.

“It was good fun.” (Archie)

“I liked playing the game on the computer.” (Owen)

“I learnt not to touch medicines I see on the street.” (Evie)

“It was fantastic.” (Ruby)

Easter bunny visit

Year 1 had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny who hid treats all around the school playground! The children became mini detectives on a hunt for eggs and chocolate rabbits, we think they managed to find them all!

Easter egg boxes

Year 5 pupils designed and made their very own Easter egg boxes during their art lessons. The pupils studied the design qualities of various Easter eggs on the market today, before creating their own fun and unique designs. They each came up with a name, logo and included important information, such as the ingredients. The children particularly enjoyed creating games and puzzles on their boxes such as a word search or 'spot the difference'. Their fantastic creations included catchy names like 'Fruit tastic' and 'Choc-o Go Go'. If they were real, I am sure they would have many customers buying them this Easter!
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Over £40 was raised for Marie Curie through the sale of knitted chicks

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Personal achievements


1st - 2nd May Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh practice walk

4th May Upper Sixth IB exams begin

6th - 8th May Lower 6th Biology trip to Dale Fort

8th May Junior School Art Exhibition at Penarth Pier

11th May Year 11 Study Leave beings

11th May Year 9 PSHE with PC Mudie

12th May (I)GCSE written exams begin

12th May Year 5 PSHE with PC Mudie

12th May Friends Meeting

13th May Junior School Cross Country at Cosmeston Lakes

22nd May Sixth Form Graduation Ceremony at Penarth Pier

22nd May Senior School Prom at Angel Hotel

23rd - 24th May Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh final walk

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