by Edilberto cruz

How is the weather in the grasslands?

1. In the grasslands the temperature is really dry, averaging about 20 to 100 centimeters. Sometimes there’s 8 to 40 inches of rain per year. Sometimes in the summer it's really hot and may reach 38 degrees f (100 degrees f) in the winter it's often fall below freezing, which is 0`degrees f (32 degrees)

Where are the grasslands!

2.You can find ''GRASSLANDS’ ‘in every continent except Antarctica. Temperate grasslands once covered much of the interior of north America, and they were common in Eurasia and south America as well. These large expanses of flat or hilly country cover much of South America are called ''PAMPAS''; in Europe, ‘STEPPES''; and in Africa’ ‘SAVANNA''.

Animals in the grasslands!

3. In the grasslands there are different types of animals. There are carnivores and herbivores. I’m going to talk a little bit about carnivores are animals that eat meat. We have a lot of carnivores in the grasslands, like lion, bison, giraffes. First were going to talk about lions. Lions are scary animals, and they it big and small mammals, and birds. Lions like to live in open savannas to hunt its prey. The lion looks big and its color is light brown. The lions survive by using their claws when they see their enemies, and use their sharp teeth to bit them. Next, bison are calm animals. Bison like eat grass. Bison live mostly in north America a bison is strong and furry, and brown. Bison migrate as an adaptation to find better food. Last,

Giraffes are really tall. They like to eat leaves, buds, and fruits. Its neck is really long and skinny. Its color is brown, and yellow. Males fight the place of a female to find food for babies.

Plants in grasslands!

In the grasslands the plants are beautiful and big flowers. There are perennial, bunch, and grasses.The perennial is a purple adapts through cold and fire .Next, bunch is purple to and it changes color as season passes. It adapts by associated with the drier plants. Last, is the grass. The grass is green and it grows better when the savannas turn brown.