Famous Dave Moran

"Life's too short NOT to be famous"

About Famous Dave...

Dave Moran has never performed a sold out concert. He's never won an Emmy for a hit TV show. And he's never starred in the summer's hottest blockbuster. As it turns out, he's lived a fulfilling, but pretty average life. But he says he's always wondered what it would be like to be in the spotlight.

"When they say why do you want to be famous, my answer is, well, why wouldn't you?" said Moran.

In the back of his mind, he thought perhaps one day he'd actually try his hand at it. An unfortunate turn of events, though, has left him with a much smaller window to see it through.

Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But he says he's not going to spend the rest of his days feeling sorry for himself.

"I decided I would do two things," said Moran. "Number one, I would look at the world through rose-colored glasses. And number two, I would be famous."

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